Blizzard Bag

Happy Blizzard Bag Day! 2/7/17

Please practice your most recent vocabulary list on the Quizlet tab.  Listen to the words by clicking on the speaker icon then repeat them aloud.  Take a self test using at least 20 words. (30 minutes)

Translate into ENGLISH (Traduisez en anglais) the dialogue below between Madame and a student at school. Pay close attention to the tense of the verbs (passe compose).  Write the ENGLISH out on a google doc and share with me. (15 minutes)
Mme:    Bonjour, ca va?
Luc:    Bien, merci.
Mme:    Qu’est-ce que tu as fait cette semaine à l’école?

Luc:    J’ai fait une expérience intéressante au labo, j’ai passé un examen à la classe de français, aussi j’ai eu entraînement au gymnase.

Mme:  Ah bon? Comment s’est passé l’examen?

Luc:     J’ai eu une bonne note!

Write out a paragraph in FRENCH telling me about (3) things you did this week at school and where you did them.  Use the passé composé, and the dialogue above as a guide.  This will be your speaking assessment on Friday this week.
Write this on the same google doc as your translation above. (15 minutes)

(Parlez d’école à Madame.  Dites ce que vous avez fait et où pendant la semaine.  Donnez (3) choses et utilisez le passé composé.)
Dessinez (Illustrate your paragraph) above by drawing a comic strip with stick figures on a separate piece of paper and be prepared to share it in groups with the class tomorrow. (20 minutes)

Etoile du jour.
Go to the Home page and click on the Etoile du jour tab.  Click on the link Madame to see Madame's presentation from yesterday.  Review the slides and responses. (10 minutes)

We will have our vocabulary quiz on Wednesday and Speaking Assessments & Interro Etoile du jour on Friday.

 Any questions please email Mrs. Garry at

 A demain!
Madame :)


Blizzard Bag #1

Research a celebrity from a francophone country (can be a singer/actor/sports player/musician/artist - past or present)

Create a googledoc:

  • Write a paragraph IN FRENCH describing the person - use your own vocabulary and NOT google translate - ps...I can tell the difference :)
  • Write a few sentences about yourself in French and your connection to the person.
  • Find a youtube video, and copy the link into the document, be prepared to show the class.

Example:  Moi, je joue au foot.  Je suis athlétique et un jour je vais jouer pour une équipe (team) nationale.  Peut-etre les olympiques?  J'aime regarder le foot à la télé et Thierry Henry est superbe!

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